Maybe? Lots of private owners handle rental property like a hobby. They enjoy interacting with tenants, fixing things around the property, and helping tenants in needs. For these owners, you absolutely don’t need a property manager.  Get professional advice for any major issues that come up, but otherwise, you can probably handle it alone.  But, if you want to handle your rental property like an investment and not have to confront tenants when issues arise, we would strongly recommend you look into a property manager.

This one is easy.  For short term properties, look at our available options and give us a call.  For long term (6 months or longer), click the listings button on that page and take a look.   But, don’t be surprised by a blank page.  Once we have a tenant, most don’t want to leave.

Simple, we charge a flat rate for management fee ranging anywhere from 7 to 10%.  Why the range?  Some properties are simply more difficult to manage then others.  Also, if an owner owns several properties, it makes our job easier, and so we are able to extend a better rate.

Finally, if we take great care of your tenants and they choose to extend for another year, we charge a flat $50.

We tailor our services to maximize the investment opportunity each property offers.  We communicate regularly with our tenants and our owners to make sure we provide the best service possible.  No one can match our services, and our commitment.

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