What Makes Us Different

Tenant Driven

We love to offer properties and an experience that our tenants can brag about.  Nothing builds trust with tenants more than being able to listen to their concerns, repair any issues, and explain when these come into conflict.  We can’t fix every issue, but we can make sure our tenants are matched with a property they can take pride in.

Owner Driven

Each owner has their own set of expectations, wants, and needs as it relates to their property.  We understand that.  We don’t force our owners to accept a system that doesn’t value their individual needs.  Want to pretend to be the repairman and fix the dishwasher yourself?  Be our guest.  Have a friend who repairs HVAC systems?  We will take their number and use them on your properties.  We work for you.

Community Driven

One of our core values is integrity.  We don’t claim to be perfect, but we feel it’s important to do business honestly.  We will make mistakes, and we will learn from them.  But, we won’t hide behind them.  We feel this is the best way we can provide a valued service to our community.

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